Septic Tank Maintenance Mistakes Every Homeowner Must Avoid

Being a homeowner doesn’t need to be difficult. As long as you do regular maintenance and take the necessary steps to maintain the property, large problems can be avoided rather easily. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners still wait until there is something to be fixed before considering implementing a maintenance routine. This usually leads to discovering more problems and dealing with bigger issues.toilet-1376429_960_720

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One of the aspects of a property that needs to be regularly maintained is the septic tank. Waste needs to be disposed of properly and the system must be maintained on a regular basis; failure to do so often leads to costly – and crippling – problems. To help you get started, here are some of the maintenance mistakes you must avoid.

Scheduling Mistakes

You need to know the right time to have the septic tank emptied in order to maintain the entire waste system properly. Do it too often, and you will only be wasting money on maintenance services. Putting it off for too long, on the other hand, can result in drain field failures and even more serious problems.

Fortunately, a lot of service providers now offer free inspections. You can have the service provider of your choice check the entire system every couple of months just to be safe. If, after the inspection, pumping is needed, the service provider can do it on the spot.

It is also a good idea to drain the septic tank before and after heavy use. Let’s say you have some relatives coming over for thanksgiving and they will be staying for a few days; getting the drain field emptied is definitely a good idea.

Pumping When It’s Full

Another misconception is to pump the septic tank when it is full. This is actually a mistake, since a working septic tank should always be full or almost full. The way the septic tank works is it allows filtered and processed waste to flow to the proper channels through a pipe at the top of the tank. At the same time, sludge and other materials will drop to the bottom of the tank and be processed naturally by bacteria.

The best time to pump the septic tank is when the proportions inside the tank are no longer balanced. Unless you are sure about what you’re doing, it’s best to have professionals inspect the tank and provide you with an objective assessment.

Choosing the Wrong Provider

Working with the wrong service provider is the last mistake on our list. This may seem like a simple mistake, but it often leads to other issues. For instance, if a company tells you to pump the tank to solve drainage problems or to improve the drain field’s functionalities, you’d be better off finding a more reliable provider. The solution works, but it is nothing more than a temporary solution that doesn’t really solve the problem.

The kind of equipment used matters too. The best service providers use high quality trucks such as VacuumXpress trucks for maximum protection. You don’t have to worry about leaks and potential hazards with the right equipment used in the pumping process. Avoid this last mistake and your job as a homeowner will be much simpler.

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