Patio and Deck Lighting: Three Great Reasons to Install It

This is the year you’ve decided to tackle the extensive job of redoing your backyard, patio and deck areas. Many decisions loom on the horizon. What’s the overall theme of the spaces? What types of furniture do you envision in these areas? Do you want to spend the money for something big like a pool or an outdoor kitchen?


Today, ideas for backyard design can be as limitless in scope as your backyard. So many options and materials exist. One thing is for certain, though, every successful, functional and beautiful outdoor space has one critical aspect in common. And that key aspect is the proper use of lighting.

As you continue to ponder and dream about your new backyard oasis, keep the following three points in mind regarding your light selections.

Create Additional Living Space
Do you wish your home had more entertaining space? Turn your backyard into a social hub, and take your party outdoors. So how do you transform a plain backyard into an entertaining showpiece? If you answered furniture, fire pits and outdoor kitchens, you’re only halfway there. While these pieces are important to creating a backyard oasis, correct lighting is what ultimately pulls it altogether to make it sparkle. Adding the appropriate lighting to your patio and/or deck area will enhance this space, strike the perfect ambiance for any occasion and WOW your guests each and every time.

Add Value to Your Home
Just as doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel adds financial value to your home so, too, does doing a backyard remodel. And on the same note, just as selecting the correct lighting is essential to a well-designed kitchen or bathroom redo, the same principles apply to your patio and deck areas as well. And when the time comes to sell your house, you’ll have had the fun of enjoying these spaces all while your house has grown in value. While you have appreciated the value of new backyard lighting, prospective buyers will be impressed, too.

Offer Security and Protection
Patio and deck lighting also offer security and protection. Using the best mix of lighting is a deterrent to criminals bent on causing you and/or your property harm. But when thinking of outdoor lighting from a security and protection standpoint, it’s a good idea to install quality lighting around the perimeter of your home, too. In other words, you’re not just confining lighting to your backyard entertaining spaces.

As you move forward with your plans for outside lighting, be sure to hire a licensed, professional lighting specialist. They can help you with your designs as well as install your dream lights.

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