Greener Homes are the Future

Taking a greener step towards home improvement of your whole house – sounds so easy, doesn’t it? People tend to believe that this good willed action would break the latest at the execution. But trust me, there are many little steps you can take to support Mother Nature and even save on your energy bills in the longer term. Obviously there is the risk and issue of money involved, when planning such a great makeover! Moreover, the idea of the actual outcome being worth the investment will definitely play with your mind.

Don’t worry; there are many governmental schemes, such as the Green Deal Initiative in the UK, which tries to help you cope with the financial side of this investment through bursaries and loans. If you are low on cash though, here are five simple tips on how to make an positive impact on the environment without spending big chunks of money.

Install curtains

Getting curtains instead of installing blinds will help you retain the heat in your room. High quality curtains can trap the heat efficiently in your room and avoid it from escaping through your windows – no need to turn on the heating system. This tip will definitely come in handy if you are working with a low budget at the moment, because you can save a lot of money in the future, when the winter time hits again.

Switch off the lights

You heard it from your mum first and you’ll hear it right here again – Don’t leave unnecessary lights on during the day and switch off your computer at night, when you are done. Your parents knew it from the beginning how much money you can save with NOT keeping your electronic products running or on standby. It is a bad habit to be precise! Hence, you can start changing this and don’t think about that you can’t make a difference as an individual! If you save energy on something as easy as flicking a little switch, can be better for the environment.

Sort your door out

It is fact that over 10% of your heat is lost through the windows and doors at home, which will show up slowly in your energy bills. Hence, you could get a composite door for your back door or a upvc front door, which can keep your home sufficiently heated. Most doors have a U-value, which measures the heat loss through a door. For instance, composite doors have a u-value of 1.8, which is pretty good.

Insulating is the key

Many people have a suspicious approach towards home insulation, as it I can get quite expensive. However, this sort of investment will help you greatly with your savings on energy bills. For instance, insulating your roof can keep the heat in the rooms and save up money in the future – True story!

Green Electricity

What is that? – So many of us know that global warming is mainly the result of the output of carbon dioxide (CO2). Hence, it is quite worrying that half of our electricity output is supplied through burning of coal, which produces amounts of CO2 as a waste product. Hence, many green electricity suppliers use only electricity sources that do not affect the environment negatively. Search the internet for these green electricity suppliers and get going!

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