Going Green When Decorating Your Condo

Many people go for eco-friendly designs and ideas, and this is a great way to decorate your condo for sale. You can entice millennials with how you’ve diligently made sure that your condo has gone green in many ways. Besides, many of these eco-friendly options actually look great, so that’s also a big plus. And you can even save money as a result. Here are some things you can try:

  1. Have plants indoors. Having plants makes a place look more natural and inviting. Rooms with small potted plants look a lot less sterile. You don’t need a sprawling garden, as some plants can really thrive indoors. You can have spider plants and palmera, or even anahaw. You can also pick some types of bromeliads as houseplants, like Guzmania, Vriesea, Neoregelia, or Aechmea.
  2. Wooden furniture. These can be made from hardwood frames or untreated cotton. They’re great because these are low-emission natural materials and that’s good for the environment.

Wood furniture pieces also add a more natural and homier look to your condo, with a dash of vintage to make your house look more rustic.

  1. Use rugs made from renewable sources. Many of these rugs are made from recycled materials. You can point this out to prospective buyers and make sure to inform them that they haven’t been treated with chemicals. These chemicals can sometimes emit harmful gases that can threaten your health and the state of the environment.
  2. Make sure your windows are insulated. Insulated windows can keep the air in your condo from escaping. This makes your heating and air conditioning more effective. They don’t have to work harder just to maintain the temperature you prefer.
  3. Use bamboo for your ceiling. This is a very interesting choice for condos and it’s quite distinctive. It provides a more inviting atmosphere, and it also feels a lot more natural. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, so it’s easy to find and can be replenished rather quickly.
  4. Make sure the space for the refrigerator is out of the sun. If the fridge is by the window and in the sunlight, it will have to work harder and use up more electricity just to keep your food cool. Just make sure that the electrical socket for the fridge is conveniently nearby.
  5. Fix leaky taps, faucets, and toilets. Not only can a leaky faucet lead to mold issues, but you can also save a lot of money. A leaky tap can waste up to 182 liters of water per week. A leaky toilet is even worse, as you can lose up to 757 liters a day. That’s a lot of water to pay for that you’re not using.
  6. Use 100% essential oils to spice up the smell of the condo. Synthetic fragrances and chemicals aren’t exactly eco-friendly. But essential oils are much better, and you can have a soothing scent that can relax your visitors.

There are many things that you can implement if you want to have an eco-friendly lifestyle. Practice with your own condo so that when it’s time to sell the place, you have another selling point to offer. Lots of people are going green, and it’s time for you to also consider how you can contribute to saving the environment.

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