Global Warming- The Causes and Impacts

For most people who watch weather patterns across the globe, there is little doubt that there is a global climate change in process. The issue at hand is whether the process is man-made or a natural process, and what if anything can be done to stop a cataclysm of earth changes that could wreak havoc on the planet and its inhabitants. Most scientists with half an ounce of merit know that the earth has undergone major climate changes throughout its long history. The glaciation that we now have in Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Siberia and Alaska are in fact remnants of another climate change known as the Glacial Period.
The issue of answering the root causes of global warming is a complicated one because of the ramifications of the answer. Many people including scientists have tried to sway the facts to prove a point for their cause, no matter what side they are on. The truth is the earth’s climate is changing at a fairly rapid rate. The issue at hand is what are the accelerants that are causing the more rapid changes that we are experiencing. Certainly, most scientists agree that no matter what the cause is, there is reason for concern and preparedness that should be adhered to by mankind. There are ways that people can be better prepared for any changes, and ways that humans can help the transition be a slower progression. That is done by lessening their own carbon footprint, and respecting more of the earth they live on.

Scientists and geologists both know from extensive earth research that the earth’s climate has undergone extensive changes many times over many millenniums. Most of these have occurred before man even walked the earth, and before man had the ability to impact the earth in any significant manner. All of the causes for those changes have been natural in origin. They have ranged from excessive volcanic activity, meteors, and magnetic pole reversals, to intense solar activity. However, at present mankind has made their own contribution in a negative way to the earth’s cycles.

How humans make a difference in climate

There are three main ways humans can have a negative impact on global climate, these are:

1.Deforestation– Large amounts of tree cutting in areas of vital forests can lead to loss of quality rain inducers. This can also lead to erosion.

2. Desertification– Overuse of waterways, and improper damming has caused an increase in deserts. Additionally, improper use of water, grazing and irrigation techniques and as a consequence to deforestation.

3. Carbon Foot printing– Excessive human pollution affecting the earth’s ozone. In addition wasting precious natural resources increases damaging effects.

It is presently believed by many scientists that man’s abuse of the earth has compounded the natural cycles that are already in place. With issues such as deforestation, increased desertification, and an increasing carbon foot printing including ozone loss, there is mounting evidence that humans have contributed to the climate changes we are experiencing. All of these problems have contributed to a faster pace in global climate changes.

Scientists know and understand the basics of climate cycles, and one of the bigger concerns is excessive loss of trees from human use and abuse. This is one of the primary reasons for deforestation, and has proven quite problematic, especially in rainforest areas. Since much of the world’s water cycles are fed from rainforests, a depletion of their resources is a cause for great alarm long-term for the earth and its inhabitants.

Additionally, as part of a greater cycle, deforestation creates a negative impact on rain cycles and thereby increases desertification in many parts of the globe. This coupled with man’s increase in carbon foot printing has caused a trigger to make the more natural earth cycles move at a more rapid rate. The results of this has meant that plants, animals, humans and other life forms have less time to adapt to the changes. It also has meant the loss of clean water and good agricultural soils, which can result in extinctions and greater earth climate upheaval.

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