Design your outdoors and give landscaping a try and get all you need at Sam’s Club.

Start with the basics, check  the the shape and style of your outdoor space. Decide how you will use this space.Do you want to sit down, read a book or maybe add some greenery?  

Think about it and head to Sam’s Club to get rubber mulch. Go for a good quality rubber mulch  and opt for 98  Bags of GroundSmart Rubber Mulch – Cedar Red 78.4 cubic feet. This can be used anywhere and won’t attract termites. Add some near your shrubs or garden bed. Best of all, GroundSmart Rubber Mulch lasts up to 12 years and keeps its color. Plus, this rubber mulch stays in place and won’t go flying anywhere. Another great idea is adding  mulch around your magnolias and lilies to help them standout.


Now decide where to plant new flowers and shrubs. Consider areas where the sun hits the strongest. Think about which plants and shrubs get the most air on cooler days.

Take your time deciding  on best flowers and shrubs for your outdoor space. Visit  Sam’s Club, think about a simple project and consider  adding a pathway to connect your yard to your home. Get edging materials  and opt for  EasyFlex 50′ Plastic No-Dig Landscape Edging Kit. Very easy to install and without digging. Whether you want to curve or go straight, you’ll get the perfect edging. Durable edging material will stay in place. This is the perfect kit for a 50 foot installation. Make sure you have  a hammer and hand saw for great edging.


Consider adding newer greenery that compliments your current plants  and creates  a great focal point every season. Go with the new and get plants and flowers that are loved by the sun.

Before you get your new plants head to Sam’s Club and get a planter to place them. Beautify your patio and add color with Bloomers 3-Tier Flower Tower Planter. A space saver   planter and gives  you plenty of space to place  more than one plant. Plus, these  planters are easy to water and even save you water. Now you are ready to get your wild cherry blossoms, marigolds, daisies and sunflowers.


Take into consideration your  watering style and head to Sam’s Club. Play it safe and get a Self-Watering Garden Wizard Raised Garden Bed. Easy to put together and can be added more units. A very durable bed guaranteed to last for years. No need to water plants anymore this garden bed waters itself. Be aware that the self watering feature only activates when needed.


Make your outdoor space look flawless, hide imperfections and get a Medium Landscape Rock from Sam’s Club. Looks heavy, but is light to move around. No worries this rock stay in place. Goes  great placed next to a garden bed or in the middle of your favorite flowers.


No matter your landscaping skills you can try a couple projects and find what you need at Sam’s Club.


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