Beat the Heat and Stay Green This Summer

Keeping cool in the summer is top priority. It can be a challenge to mix comfort and savings when it comes to keeping things cool in the summer. When temperatures start to rise, all you want to do is crank up the cool air, but there is a better way. With a little forethought and planning, as well as a few energy-saving tips, you can stay cool without breaking the bank this summer.

These tips can help you stay cool and avoid the dangers of summer heat, including heat stroke, heat rash, and sunburn. When the heat starts to skyrocket, try implanting these tips this summer before you reach for that air conditioner dial:

Cook at the right time

When you cook is important during the summer. Cook when the sun has gone down to avoid building up a huge amount of heat in the house. If possible, try using the stove rather than the oven, or you can even use an outdoor stove or oven to keep the heat outdoors instead of in your home. Bonus- you will also save money from the energy you aren’t using on your stove.

Use appliances wisely

Piggybacking on the cooking tip, when you use other heat-generating appliances is important as well. Only run the dishwasher at night when temperatures are naturally cooler. Try drying clothes outdoors instead of with the dryer. Turn off the TV, computer, and other heat-generating devices when not in immediate use. This can help keep your home cooler and will also save on electricity.

Block the sun with curtains

In the summer, you want to keep as much heat out of your home as possible. Sunlight can heat up your home significantly, so you want to avoid as much sun exposure as possible. Light-blocking curtain panels are one of the easiest ways to protect your home from excess heat. Place the panels on windows facing west for maximum protection from the harsh summer sun.

Schedule your day

One of the best ways to stay cool during the summer is to avoid the hottest portion of the day. Most places are hottest between 10AM and 4PM. Try to get your business done between 10AM or after 4PM to avoid the most heat of the day. This is especially important for babies and the elderly who are both sensitive to the elements.

Take advantage of natural shade

One way to prevent heat build-up in the home and to save money at the same time is to use natural shade and insulation to protect your home from the sun. Plant bushes and trees around your house to act as natural barriers against the harsh heat from the sun. Bushes are effective at adding insulation to the home and keeping heat out while keeping cool air inside your home.

With these simple steps, you can cut down on your energy use in the summer and prevent excessive energy bills from piling up. You will also help cut down on your yearly carbon footprint, which benefits the planet as well as your pocketbook!

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