6 New Ways of Making New Homes for Sale More Eco-Friendly

If you’re looking for new homes in Brossard and you’re environmentally aware, then you’re in luck in your chosen area of residence. The City of Brossard prioritizes the need to provide a healthy place for its residents, and that’s for today and for tomorrow. However, as a new homeowner you can always do some easy renovations to your new home to make them a lot more eco-friendly. Here are some home renovations you should consider:

  1. Install cork flooring. In a way, this is a kind of wood flooring except it’s a lot more sustainable. The flooring material actually comes from the bark of cork oak trees. This means you can get your flooring material without having to chop down a tree to obtain it. The bark can grow back in just a few years. Moreover, the flooring is resistant to mold, moisture, and even fire.

You have a range of patterns to choose from if you go for cork flooring, and it looks great. Your new home can gain even more appeal and character afterwards.

  1. Try bamboo flooring (or even for the ceiling). For hardwood flooring fans, bamboo flooring can be a great alternative. The look is similar to hardwood, and the bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. In addition, harvesting the flooring material doesn’t affect the bamboo plant’s root system.

Bamboo isn’t just good looking, but it’s also resistant to moisture. Add its durability and you have a winner.

  1. Use recycled glass for your countertops. There’s no denying the elegant look of granite and marble for your countertops. The problem for those who care about the environment is that to quarry and engineer these particular materials won’t really be all that friendly to the environment. But you can get that same look of marble and granite by using recycled glass instead. This material comes from recycled bottles and jars, so they’re quite sustainable and you can recycle them again afterwards. It also looks gorgeous, and your home can gain a more distinctive charm.

  2. Get some recycled modular carpet tiles. Lots of homes need a few area rugs here and there. The problem is that eventually you can become rather tired of the look and the pattern of the rugs. For some variety, you may want to opt for modular carpet tiles instead. This type of carpet lets you mix and match your various tiles to create interesting patterns. At any time, you can just rearrange the tiles for a new look, and you can always add more tiles as well.

For the most part, these carpet tiles are made from recycled materials. They’re also made in energy-efficient manufacturing facilities. Most manufactures also offer a recycling program for their carpet tiles as well.

  1. Paint your walls with VOC-free (or low-VOC) paint. VOCs refer to volatile organic compounds. These can emit unsafe molecules into the air which can then expose you and your family to potential long-term health risks. So if you’re going to paint your walls, VOC-free paint is the way to go.

  2. Use a low-flow toilet. The first generation of low-flow toilets wasn’t all that good. That’s because they often needed people to flush twice to really work, and that didn’t exactly save water. But now you have recent advances in technology so these low-flow toilets work as expected. You just need to make sure that your toilet model is actually efficient, and you’re good to go.

It can take a long while to search among new homes for sale to find the eco-friendly house you want. But you can make sure to do your part for the environment. Just do a few of these recommended renovations, and you can help make sure that you contribute to preserving the environment.

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