6 Green Ways to Decorate with Natural Items

Do you want to embrace the “natural” decorating trend but you’re tired of spending too much money on home decor? You can use items that you might find for free in your front yard, in the woods, or on the beach to add a distinctive flair to your home – without the cost and the concerns about manufacturing issues, synthetic materials, and other environmentally hazardous substances. Here are 6 ways you can do just this.

5. Tree Stumps as Tables and Chairs

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Tree stumps can double as artistic ornaments or as functional items in your home. These are popular decor items and you can save a lot of money and recycle items from the environment by creating your own tree stump items. They can serve as the base for a coffee or end table; they can also be rustic chairs. If you have a big enough stump, try using it as the table itself. You will have to sand and treat the stumps, but the result could be a show-shopper for guests.

4. Leaves & Cones as Decorative Wreaths

You can put magnolia leaves to good decorating use for your home to make wreaths for your door. Some people use the brown side of the leaves while others use the green side. You can wire the leaves together or get a foam wreath form from a hobby store and insert the leaves in individually.

Pine cones can be used to create as well. Try hot-gluing pine cones to a grapevine wreath and decorate with ribbon. You can also spray paint or add glitter to the pine cones before adding the ribbon for extra spice.

3. Sand-Filled Bottles for Beach Accents

Easily obtained from the beach, sand ornaments can be used to create lovely accent pieces for your home. You can fill different sized bottles with sand and cork them; these can be arranged on a table, in a corner, or on a window sill. You can also fill a fish bowl with sand and place sea shells or smooth pebbles on top. A shallow dish filled with sand can also serve as a miniature Zen garden.

2. Tree Branches as Ornaments & Curtain Rods

If you have plenty of trees in your yard, there is no need to buy fake branches from a store. Sturdy branches from the yard can be attached to the wall as a coat rack. Interesting configurations of branches can be placed in glass vases around the home. If you have a very large branch, you can stand it in the corner and hang small ornaments from it. You can also use a branch as a curtain rod for your drapery at TheShadeStore.com.

1. Sea Glass Wind Chimes and Accents

Collecting sea glass can be a fun part of going to the beach but have you considered that you can use these brightly colored items to liven up the home? Use sea glass to create a wind chime or mobile to catch the sunlight.

Sea glass can also be used as accent pieces in other centerpieces or several pieces can be used by themselves in a glass vase or bowl. While store-bought sea glass may be inexpensive, natural sea glass can become conversation pieces as you tell the story about where you found them.

If you take a look around your yard, you can discover many free, green decorating ideas. What other natural elements have you incorporated into your own green design scheme?

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