4 Reasons Manual Toothbrushes Are Still Better Than Electric

5 Healthy Habits to Start Your Kids on YoungAlthough many people feel like electric toothbrushes are better in every way than manual brushes, that is simply not the case. There are many reasons why manual toothbrushes are in fact superior to electric brushes. Here are four reasons that you should stick with a manual toothbrush instead of forking over a fistful of cash for the latest electric model.


1. Cost


The costs of the latest electric toothbrush models are enough to raise the eyebrows of even the most well-heeled consumers. An electric toothbrush is not an inexpensive investment, and they do have a limited life. Though they can be helpful for some individuals, in most cases it does not make sense financially to invest hundreds of dollars for an electric toothbrush that doesn’t get your teeth any cleaner than a manual brush does for just a few dollars.


2. Feel


Although many people feel like an electric toothbrush will do a great job of cleaning their teeth, they often set it aside after they try one. The main reason for this is that the feel of an electric toothbrush can be unpleasant inside the mouth for some people. It doesn’t make any sense to pay an arm and a leg for an electric brush that you may not even feel like using after you try it on your teeth.


3. Dentists Don’t Say Electric Is Any Better


If you think that dentists recommend that all their patients should switch to electric toothbrushes, then you are wrong. Next time you are in your San Antonio dentistry office, ask the dentist which type they recommend. The chances are that they will say to use whichever model of toothbrush that you feel more comfortable with. Most dentists will submit that there is no tangible benefit to brushing with an electric toothbrush. The manual brushes will get your teeth just as clean for a lot less money.


4. Keep Your Tongue Cleaner


There is one area where the manual toothbrush is actually far superior to an electric toothbrush. Most electric toothbrushes do a very poor job of removing the gunk that can build up on your tongue. It is much more difficult to scrape this gunk off with the standard electric toothbrush than it is with the average manual brush. If you have trouble with keeping your tongue clean, then you should make sure to use a manual toothbrush to make it easy for your to scrape it clean.

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